Social Crush | Columbia, SC

Social Crush comes to Columbia, SC

Social Crush: Columbia, SC

It is clear that I enjoy forming digital relationships on various networks. However, no matter how plugged in I am, nothing beats meeting in person. For example, I am not a coffee guy, but I have spent countless hours at Jamestown Coffee picking Rick‘s brain or the Starbucks in the Vista with Brian for Gowalla item trades. These are “in real life” friendships that were forged on social networks (and just a few of many).

Now you are probably wondering “what the hell does this have to do with a business focused conference like Social Crush?” Everything. Social networks are not new channels for businesses to push out news releases. Businesses have a unique opportunity to connect with current and potential customers beyond a sale. It is time to evolve our thinking.

The interwebs are flooded with experts and gurus spewing their rambles on anyone who will listen. Social Crush is an un-conference; “This is a hands-on, interactive social media conference for real people doing real business.” The speakers come armed with real world experience and case studies, not opinions. Social Crush is also special because it taps the local digital minds to show the power of social media from a hyperlocal approach.

Shameless plug for the Social Media Club of Columbia: We will be holding a 101 bootcamp on Monday, Aug. 15th from 4-6pm to help those just getting started in the social realm. Then on Tuesday afternoon from 3-5ish we will break into groups to have some higher-level workshops on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and location based services.

So grab a ticket and bring an inquisitive mind. No matter your level, you will walk away smarter and better prepared to harness the power of social media for your business.

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