Smart Move to Integrate Twitter Into iOS 5

Taking my Apple fanboy hat off for a bit…

Today at Apple’s WWDC it was announced that the new iOS 5 will have Twitter baked right in. I for one think the move to integrate Twitter into iOS 5 is a smart move by Twitter. Twitter has been on a roll buying up third party platforms like Tweetie and Tweetdeck. They now have official apps on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPad and Mac OSX [Look for Tweetdeck to be moved out of Adobe AIR and converted into a Windows desktop app]. Just last week Twitter also announced and started rolling out the Twitter Photos service. In affect telling TwitPic, yfrog and others to close up shop and go home. [I see Twitter eventually buying Photobucket] Soon millions of iPhone and iPad users will be able to quickly upload their photos (and maybe videos) using the new Twitter Photos service straight from the photo library on their device.

This brings up another feature of iOS 5 that benefits Twitter, new notification system. This is a huge chance for Twitter’s own native app to become a user’s default app when interacting with the service. The first details about the new notification system is that it can work with any app if the developer choses (no brainer) to. What is to stop Twitter from updating their app so that when you press the “Tweet this photo” button their app launches, shows a preview of your tweet, posts it and then returns to the live feed? The process is smooth and seamless. As much as I am a fan of Tweetbot, that kind of integration in the core of an OS is hard to ignore.

We are still months away before the public gets their hands on this. So we will have to see what details emerge out of WWDC 2011 after iOS developers get their hands dirty with iOS 5.


Putting fanboy hat back on…

This is also smart for Apple. They realized that Ping was not the best way to join the social revolution. So by “partnering” with one of the top worldwide social networks, Apple can now integrate social features into all of their software and hardware.

During the announcement it seemed like a win-win for the tech giants. Now to see if users win too.


What about you? What did you takeaway from the announcement of Twitter being embedded into iOS 5? Do you hope for Facebook to get added as well?