Wren: Just Tweet

Let’s be honest. Most of use have a love/hate relationship with Twitter and its effect on our daily productivity. We love the endless stream of witty remarks, breaking news, links to videos and Instagram pics filling our Twitter feeds. However, we do not love how easy it is to get lost in the flood of content. “Yeah, I will not get that hour of my life back.”¬†I curse Twitter for distracting me from the real reason I was on my computer – work. Therein lies the problem, finding a balance between posting my thoughts when the synapses are firing while not giving into the slacker temptation of Twitter.

Low and behold, two indie developers released Wren in the Mac App Store today. Wren is a straight forward, yet well designed app that serves one purpose – capture my one forty ramblings. No timeline, mentions or direct messages to distract you. It is as clean as: launch app > type tweet > post tweet > close app. Boom. Thought captured while not effecting work flow.

Wren also has some nice bonus features. You can save three drafts for when you go over 140 characters or you want to polish before posting to the world. Built in url shortening from various services. (Bitly pro users Рclick the user silhouette to enter account credentials) Usernames are  autocompleted. They also allow you to set a global show/hide hotkey.

I think Wren 1.0 is well thought out and is a very solid app out-of-the-box. In hopes that the developers read this post I will give my wish list for future updates. Ability to save more than three drafts for those days when the mind just will not shutoff. Move the app from the dock to the menu bar. The ability to send direct messages.

My twitter ADD has met its match. Thank you Kevin and Andrew!

Kudos to Kevin and Andrew on creating a wonderful video explaining the idea behind Wren and for providing a press kit to make it that much easier to write a review. Smart dudes.