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It is a sad thing when you create a folder to hold all the abandoned desktop Twitter applications you have collected on your Mac. They all seemed like the apps we were waiting for, but after some time under real world usage they let us down.  My current setup requires using two apps – Twitter for Mac and Wren. I still prefer Twitter for Mac‘s design over others like Twitterrific, Weet, Tweetdeck and  more. Things like a separate window for writing tweets (outside the confines of a vertical app window), clean multiple account management and the streamlined timeline design. Wren saves my sanity by allowing me to create and save draft tweets without being tempted to read the timeline – although the limit of three should be raised.

Funny thing… I only use one app on my iPhone – Tweetbot. It comes with every feature I need, and then some. It also lets me save drafts to my heart’s content. So while sitting in front of a Mac Pro with dual displays and a full keyboard I still prefer to grab my iPhone to tweet. That says something about the dozens of Twitter desktop apps. They should be embarrassed.

So here is my request plea to the Tapbots team: Please make a Mac OS X version of Tweebot!

The quality of their apps, the speed of the updates and unique features on the iPhone version make every Mac twitter app I use feel half-baked. Hell, the same could be said for Tapbots’ other wonderful creations: Calcbot, Convertbot and Weightbot. Image a Mac Twitter app that has integration, user and hashtag muting, unlimited draft saving and your other favorite Tweetbot features. Not to mention the speed at which they update their apps with new features and bug fixes.

UPDATE: Now that Tapbots has released a version of Tweetbot made specifically for the iPad, the need to complete the app trifecta has grown. The top feature: mobile and desktop syncing via iCloud. Taking a cue from Apple’s playboy, Tapbots has the chance to create an ecosystem of apps that would dominate Twitter’s own apps, not to mention others from third parties. This would also force Tapbots to grow as a company. Bringing with that growth new innovative products beyond Tweetbot. I just hope that Tapbots moves quickly on this opportunity to capitalize on the demand.

So let’s conduct a quick survey in the comments:

Would you switch Twitter desktop apps if Tweetbot came to the Mac?
What price would you be willing to pay for Tweetbot for Mac?
Would you be willing to pre-order to kick-start development if they gave you access to betas?

I am sure I am not the first person to ask this from Mark and Paul, but I’m holding some hope that they will listen to the requests of loyal customers.

Please leave your pro and con thoughts on a version of Tweetbot for Mac. Share across your networks so we can get a strong response to show Tapbots.

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  1. I guess I should start be answering my own post. ;)

    - Obviously I am already prepped to switch to Tweetbot for Mac.
    - As much time as I spend on Twitter, I would be willing to pay $15. Maybe $20 if they offered timeline syncing.
    - I would gladly give funding to Mark and Paul to start the project.

    Pros: tons!
    Cons: as my buddy Chris Harrison pointed out, shifting focus to Mac apps might be asking a lot of Paul and Mark. They would need to grow the Tapbots team.

  2. I would love a OS X version of Tweetbot.

    I don’t have a ton of funds, so I could spend $7.99 – $12.99.

    I would definitely pre-order. Actually, I’d pay $30 for the pre-order if it included a T-shirt with an illustration by Anton Peck.

  3. I’ll gladly pay $20 for a fine Tapbots-product for my Mac!

  4. Definitely! Twitter for Mac is far too restrictive.

  5. Would really like to see a desktop ver. of Tweetbot that will sync w/ iPhone app. Hope for it soon, will use both!

  6. I’d love Tweetbot for Mac. People still like apps rather than the website, and I think it would do VERY well. I would think pricing it a little lower than some of the suggestions ($4.99, let’s say) would lead to many more people adopting it and being willing to take a chance on it, but I’d gladly pay $10 or even $15 if it would help get it off the ground.

  7. Tweetbot for Mac has the potential to make the best multi-platform Twitter app on the market. I would pay $15 tops for it.

  8. I recently bought TweetBot for my iPhone – and it’s awesome! One of the best Apps I’ve ever used, and definetly the best twitter client I know.
    After the disappointing TweetDeck “downgrade” we sooo need the Mac OS X TweetBot Client!
    Please, take my money!!! ;)

  9. Please bring tweetbot to the Mac App Store to replace every other twitter client out there!

  10. I would really want a Mac version of Tweetbot and I would be ready to pay 5€ – 7€ for it.

  11. My life would be complete if Tweetbot came to Mac.

  12. I am wiiling to pay for a Mac version of Tweetbot!

  13. Would love Tweetbot on MAC!! it would be a dream come true

  14. Would love tweetbot for Mac. I would pre order and would gladly pay 20 bucks or so for the app!

  15. I love Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad, now I would like Tweetbot for Mac!!

  16. Tweetbot for Mac? Yes! Hurry please.

  17. I came across this post while trying to see if there was any news from Tweetbot themselves about Tweetbot for Mac. I hope they are listening and I hope they have time to develop Tweetbot for OSX.

  18. Andrew Galloway 04/11/2012 at 3:42 pm

    Have been longing for a Mac app ever since I downloaded the iOS version. Would greatly appreciate a Mac version of Tweetbot. I would definitely pay upwards of 4.99 for it! Heck, maybe even more.

  19. Absolutely. I’d love to have a MacOSX client that syncs with my iPhone app. I love TweetBot and would love to have it for the Mac and would happily pay to get it.

  20. Yes
    5-10 Euros

  21. I would love a Mac version.
    Maybe $7.99 – $12.99 could be a reasonable price and I would be willing to pay in advance if that means trying a beta version!

  22. Absolutely I would use a desktop version of Tweetbot. I’ve been waiting for them to release one for ages. Tweetbot for iOS is the best thing EVER.

    I’d pay a lot of money for it, given how much I use Twitter. $30-40?

    I would also pre-order if I had beta access.

  23. Adrian Furlan 06/02/2012 at 11:14 am

    I would love to see a tweetbot client for OS X. Would definitely change twitter clients if it were to happen. Cheers!

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