HP Touchpad Tablet

Fanboy Embraces Another Platform

My interest in grabbing a $99 HP Touchpad has gotten me in some hot water with a few webOS fans. Sorry if I want to put Android’s OS on your beloved device. Let’s be honest. If it was not for the fire sale, I and many others would not be talking about webOS.

Since I am new to webOS and still reading up on it, I cannot say why HP’s device did not catch on before the drastic discount. My brain would be grateful for your opinions and/or links to articles about the fallout. However, it is clear something was not working. All you hear about is the unstoppable growth of iOS and Android, the free fall of Blackberry and the reincarnation of Windows mobile.

I will admit that at times I can have the iOS blinders on. Sorry, but it is part of being a Mac fanboy. However, I know that no single platform is perfect. So in an effort to branch out and see what “the other side” is up to, I started looking at getting an Android tablet or phone that I could mess around with. Now I realize that Android and Apple are not the only players in the mobile device race, but my personal geek budget can only afford so many gadgets. So when the Touchpads went on sale, I saw it as a great chance to grab a device I could test two other mobile ecosystems on. In my book that is a win win.

My conversations with fellow mobile junkies can now move beyond iPhone/iPad versus Android – “Anything your device can do, mine can do better” nonsense. I can now join the discussions about what makes each of the platforms good, bad and different.

So will the Touchpad replace the iPad for me? I highly doubt it. Will it help me be a better, more well-rounded mobile geek? Absolutely.

Update: It would seem that Barnes & Noble dropped the ball and severely oversold their inventory of HP Touchpads. They have started sending out order cancellation emails. And guess who just got theirs. Sadly I am not alone. Far from it. Just search #BarnesandNoble on Twitter for more rants. I guess I will have to follow @BrynaAtHP in hopes of catching the next batch from HP directly.