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Facebook Launches Timeline

Well Mark Zukerburg did it again. At the F8 developer conference he showed off the new personal profile that transforms your feed into a digital archive. Facebook is calling it a Timeline. This arranges all the status updates, photos, check-ins, etc from your years on Facebook.

Currently the new Timeline profiles are only available to developers or those of us who took advantage of this little hack. But wait for it… this will go live on September 30th – yeah this week. If you thought the outcry over last week’s layout changes to the main news feed page were annoying, you might want to avoid the web for the next month or so. People’s heads will explode. Timeline is so different.

For me the idea of a digital archive is a great idea. One that will probably bring me back from jumping off of the Facebook ship. Over the past few months I have found, like many others, that Facebook was less and less important/informative/entertaining/etc. It was losing its share of my time. With the new focus on creating a ‘digital scrapbook’ I am excited to share life with true friends. This new format also encourages me to shed all the not-so-real friends and corporate fan pages. Another highlight is the ability to upload photos and such for B.F.B. – Before Facebook (surely I did not coin the acronym). Time to pull the shoes boxes of Polaroids, photo albums and the flatbed scanner out of storage.

With Facebook becoming my 21st century scrapbook. Twitter will be cemented as a source for news and information. Both happily coexisting in my use of the web. Google+ is… still the odd man out. Not sure where to place it. Another post, another day.

The ‘Like’ will transform into verbs – listening, watching, reading, cooking, etc. Through partner apps you can share what you are doing without posting status updates. This allows Facebook to become your digital social hub without requiring you to make any posts. You just listen to your favorite albums in MOG, watch the paintball episode of ‘Community’ for the tenth time on Hulu and track your morning run via Nike+.  Facebook adds those actions to your Timeline. Cool time saver. Creepy tracking. Take your pick.

Oh yeah, remember those nights of drunk Facebook posting? Those are back to haunt/entertain you. Be sure to scrub posts back from your early days on Facebook… before we were all concerned about personal branding. By default your entire Timeline is open to the public. (eek!)

Lots of changes to figure out. So try it out and share your thoughts.


Some thoughts I have had since the announcement:

  • What security concerns could arise?
  • Will a majority of users embrace the new format?
  • Will people take the time to post content from their childhood?
  • What about previous relationships, past employment or other events from your old life before Facebook?
Testing Facebook Timeline


Originally posted on Twitter (ironic?)

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