Eightbit Avatar Gets Gowalla Stamp Makeover

Let me start off with a disclaimer: I am not a designer. Nor do I play one on the Internet.

I hold a ton of respect for the professional designers out there making our world a better looking place. I am merely a geek, with access to Photoshop and some free time (aka: knowing enough to be dangerous). Hence why this post is getting filled in the sandbox – a place to share my adventures in learning new things. So my lines may not be the cleanest and my color pallet could use some expanding. Good thing I have a mind that is open to input and advice.

Thanks to Addison Kowalski‘s dead simple tutorial, eightbit avatars are all over the web. Personally, I find most avatars very helpful in quickly identifying what a person’s interests are. Take the eightbit craze. These are usually people who would proudly call themselves web junkies and geeks – my kind of people! So a good portion of my twitter peer group are rocking the same style avatar as me. Thank goodness Rowiro switched to a photo. We were looking like eightbit brothers from another mother. :)

So I took inspiration for another web addiction of mine, Gowalla. There is a huge library of stamps used to mark thousands (millions?) of spots. Every Gowalla Geek has an uncanny ablility to sniff out the one of a kind custom ones for their passports. Who knows, maybe one day this could be used to mark the Gowalla spot for my geek bar idea.

While this Photoshop hack is not “Dribbble worthy”, I would be open to feedback from more talented designers. The stamp seems to be missing something. Maybe the background should be white. Maybe a slight shadow on the eightbit to add depth. Maybe…


Update: Took Shane’s advice, added a background and extended beyond the frame. Still stumped on the pants. Not sure what color to use to offset the background. And now that I take another look, it kind of reminds me of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. Oh well. Work in progress.

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  1. Definitely needs some kind of background, more than a solid color. Look through their spot icons for better inspiration: http://gowalla.com/spots! I noticed a lot of the spot stamps Gowalla does have a blue sky and clouds in the background. Along with overflowing imagery!

  2. May want to add a zipper. [ in a brown stitching. but in 8-bit land, that’s how pants look.

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